The Award-Winning Alzheimer’s Documentary.

The Carpe Kilimanjaro Project sets out to build the world’s largest repository of Alzheimer’s stories.  The film, website, and mobile experience address the three main challenges facing the Alzheimer’s community:

  1. Remove the stigma and build community
  2. Raise more money for research
  3. Get more people into clinical trials

The project provides patients, caregivers, and the scientific community with an unprecedented view of key data patterns and personal stories, in an effort to move more swiftly, toward a cure.

PHASE I: The Documentary

CARPE KILIMANJARO is the story of Zach Jordan’s literal ascension of a mountain and his metaphorical ascension to fatherhood in the face of the descent of his own father, into the abyss of Alzheimer’s. His route to the summit mirrors the rocky path he faces as he searches for paternal wisdom from a Spanish father-in-law and his own, before he leaves the planet. As the former sheds light, the latter fades away, and Zach encounters loss, learning, love, and, in the end, resolution in the form of a sonogram image.

Carpe Kilimanjaro is a personal story of the assault called Alzheimer’s. The movie exposes the broad reaching ravages of the disease, the impact on the lives of the living, and the hope inherent in the search for information, learning, and love despite loss and longing. As we search for clinical wisdom to defeat the disease, we cannot forget the human wisdom so badly needed by the millions of loved ones in the midst. Carpe Kilimanjaro offers a unique, yet relatable tale of one man’s experiences. Our hope is that the emotion and wisdom captured in the film will inspire, comfort, and carry the conversation toward a more earnest attack on the disease of the new millennium. Stories are powerful tools for change. This story matters.

PHASE II: The Website

We are building the world’s largest collection of Alzheimer’s stories on video – a one-stop place for sharing. If you are a patient, caregiver, or family member, experiencing the collective human wisdom of the Alzheimer’s community will give you the support you need and encourage you to share your own moments.

Think of the MyAlzheimers website as a niche, social network. Every one of these Alzheimer’s moments, will add to the global narrative. While the backend of the website will empower scientists, Alzheimer’s organizations, and the medical community with an unprecedented view of key data patterns, collected from around the world.

PHASE III: The Mobile Experience


We know the “audience everywhere” must be able to carry the MyAlzheimers experience in their pocket, in order to be truly empowered. Our mobile experience will provide the ability for any person, regardless of their preferred device or platform, to contribute stories, participate in an event, donate, become an advocate, and get detailed and localized information on how to participate in clinical trials.

Make sure to check this website for project updates and let us know how you would like to participate in the MyAlzheimers Story Project.